By: Iván Jiménez Ortega y Elena Salvá López


India is a big country in the south of Asia. Is bounded by Pakistán to the west, by China, Nepal and Bután to the north and by Birmania and Bangladesh to the east.
India´s capital is Nueva Delhi and the country with more population is Bombay.
Map of India

Map of Bangladesh


They are living in slums.
Their homes are made of lattice bamboo screen walls and tin roofs on a dirty floor.
They don´t have bathrooms, bedrooms or living rooms... They don´t have anything.
They are sleeping on the floor on a small bed.
Dirty floors


More than 100 families are using the same tube-well for baths, drinking, washing the clothes and other works...

The way of cooking is very primitive, they are cooking over open fires.
The environment is very dirty there. The floors are dirty and the whole nation is starving.
Some men and women are working in the streets to get money, and most of the children don't go to school.
The children aren't at school

On the other hand we have everything...


We are living in big houses.
Our homes are made of materials stronger like bricks, cement and others...
We have bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens...
We are sleeping in very comfortable beds.
We don´t have dirty floors, they are very clean.
Our houses

Living room


We use the bath to get washed; the washing machine to wash our clothes and water of a bottle to drink.
We cook in bigger kitchens, and sometimes, we also cook in open fires but we call it barbeques and it´s only to have fun...
We can be whatever we want, because we can go to school, study in the university and work.
The childrens are going to the school
The guys are ending the university
The men and the woman are working


You can see that, while there, in India, they are trying to survive, here, in Spain, for example, we take more than we have...
We should be less egoist, stop asking for and think of THEM... They need our help!


In the videos we can see how the people of Bangladesh are looking for food in the streets.
We can also see the children that are playing, they don't go to school.
The women are working in a house, she is cleaning the house.
And also we can see the difference between slums and India's capital.

And this is Ivan and Elena´ s project!

Elena and Iván.


Name of restaurant: JIN OU.
Type of restaurant: Chinese restaurant.
Address: Tierno Galán, 8 (next to Aerial Base) Armilla, Granada.
When it is open: All the year. At 12.00 am to 17.00 pm.
Types of food: Asiatic food.
Adjectives to describe the food: There are many types of different food typical from Asia. There are some delicious desserts and menus very cheap.

JIN OU is a chinese restaurant at Tierno Galán, 8 (next to the aerial base) Otura, Granada has got typical Asian food like beef with bambue and Chinese mushroom, rice three delicious, pekin duck, rolls...
And the restaurant has also got some delicious desserts and menus very cheap for all groups.
It opens all the year, at 12.00 am to 17.00 pm.
Come to JIN OU!
See you there!
Iván Jiménez
Name of restaurant: Mesón Nueva Otura.
Type of restaurant: family restaurant
Address: Los Almedros Avenue, 1 Otura, (Granada)
When it is open: from 12.00 to 2.00 am.
Types of food: Typical food of Spain.
Adjectives to describe the food: Good plates, delicious desserts and refreshing drinks.

Mesón Nueva Otura is a family restaurant at Los Almendros Avenue, 1- Otura, Granada.
It has got typical food of Spain, like hot beef, good meat and delicious salads. It has got some appetizing desserts.
It is open from 12.00 am to 2.00 am.
Come to Nueva Otura's restaurant, you can ask for all of the food.


The Johnson family live in the north of San Francisco in Mill Valley (California).
This family has created only one handfull of trash in sox months when the average American throws out about 1.000 pounds of waste every year.
The Johnsons producing no trash going to landfill "zero waste".
Béa Johnson, who led her family´s waste reduction efforts says "Recycling is a last resort" and she chronicles her experience in the blog The Zero Waste.
To make her home zero waste, Johnson relied on the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. And she even added her own R: REFUSE.
Iván Jiménez Ortega:

Fashion item



my DC sweatshirt
almost every day
my volcom t-shirt
all the time
my nike football trainers
almost every day


My favourite fashion item is my cool wide blue sweatshirt. I wear it almost every day. I've also got another favourite fashipn item, it is a comfortable large orange T-shirt. I wear it all the time. Others are my comfortable large colourful Nike football trainers. I wear them all the time.

Elena Salvá López:

Fashion item
Occasions and other details
1. Jeans
narrow, dark, fashionable.
To go everywhere.
2. Coat
comfortable, colourful.
All the day, it´s warm
3. Boots
trendy, brown, modern, formal.
To go to school, to a party, etc...


My favourite fashion items are three. I´ve got some narrow, dark jeans. They´re very fashionable and they suit me. I´ve got other narrow jeans, but these are too fashionable... I´ve also got comfortable, colourful coat. I wear it all the time because it´s warm. I´ve got trendy brown boots. I love them because they are very suitable and modern. They´re a present from my mother. I´ve got other black boots but the brown boots are more modern than the dark boots.
This fashion items are casual enough to go to school and fashionable enough for a party.


We know that almost everyone use the internet to search information, play games, listen to music, see films, chat to other people... and all of thing free. But sometimes you could be addicted, be fine or be scammed by false publicity.
There are the advantages and disadvantages of internet but if you take care, you shouldn't be addicted, scammed, fine... and if you know how to use the internet, you can learn and do a lot of things.

Tim Berners-Lee was an engineer of computers and lived in Switzerland.
One day, in 1989, he wants to share the information above the world, so he invented the World Wide Web (www). Thaks for his invent we can obtain more information with an only "click".
Now he lives in London and he is very famous.

An interesting news of New York are that they put free Wi-fi everywhere. So you can browse the web in every places and you don't have to pay anything.
That's a great idea, and we think that in Spain will do the same... but we are in crisis so we have to wait a long, long time.