Christina Rushton & Ignacio Ambel

The life in India

People in India don't live in houses like us, they live in shaky houses. the shaky houses are made of bamboo or four trucks of wood that they hold the sheeting. We cook in vitroceramic but they have to cook on stones in fire. They haven't got a bathroom but they do their own toilet with a box and they clean themselves with a bucket full of water and a cup. They walk with no shoes and we can wear shoes, boots,etc. They wear old clothes and we can buy it if we need new clothes. They have to live much people in one shaky, like eight more or less, but we live like three or four with in one house that is bigger than a shaky and more comfortable, because we have different rooms.

Restaurant review

Name of restaurant: Saratoga
Type of restaurant: Bar, restaurant, pizzeria and cafe bar
Address: Camino Jayena 0, Alhendin ( Granada )
When is it open : from Tuesday to Sunday from 8.00 a.m to 11.00 p.m
Types of food: all types of variety in the bar and restaurant, in the pizza place they do pizza and kebab and in the caffe breakfast
Adjectives to describe the food: nice, delicious, excellent, wonderful


Saratoga is a complete place to eat, you can find there a bar, restaurant and a pizza place depending of the time you go there. You can find it in the small town of Granada called Alhendin at Camino Jayena 0, they open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8.00 a.m to 11.00 p.m. The pizzas are very thin and crunchy and they have a lot of flavour that makes it excellent, the kebabs are with beef or chicken and they are wonderful, and the breakfast are with delicious toast and a really nice coffee.

My favourite food is the 4 cheese pizza and the blue cheese tortellinny.

Name of restaurant: Santi
Type of restaurant: Family restaurant
Address: Nº 5 Aurora Street
When is it open : From Monday to Sunday from 3:00 p.m to 12:00 a.m
Types of food: A big quantity of types of fish something more like hamburguers and spicy potatoes.
Adjetives to describe the food: Nice, specially.


Santi is a family restaurant that is at 5 Aurora Street in Alhendín. They usually prepare a lot of nice fish, you can always order meat and vegetables too. It opens from 3:00 p.m to 12:00 a.m. If you like nice food, and specially fish, go to Santi !

My favourite food at Santi is "fountain of fish"


Christina Rushton

Richad Sowa in 1998 started to collect hundred of empty plastic bottles that he was finding in the sea. He left all his life behind in England, and went to the south of Cancun to start his proyect.
He collected the bottles that the commercials gibed to him and saved them in a fishing net. This way he did a platform of 20 meters long and 16 meters wide, that he named "Spiral Island"
After that he planted trees of mangroves to protect his bamboo house, were he has a solar oven, a ecological bathroom and 3 areas like beaches and a washing machine made with a old drum that moves with the wabes. He took 2 years to make the island, he took 6 month to make a base of 7 or 8 meters.
He recycles rainwater and with that, he has cultivate mangoes, bananas, spinach and tomatoes for his own consumiton.
In 2005 the hurricane Emily provoked big dameg, but he was able to fix the harm, because its easy find plastic bottles.
Now he is going to do his second island in Isla Mujeres and in Yucatan. His plan is to make his island bigger and go out on the see.

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Description of an event

(Christina Rushton)

Airport Sourprise

The day 11 of June, i was going to pick up my "grandma" at Malaga's airport, when i was at the airport my parents didn't stop insisting for me to look if i could see my "grandma" and suddenly behind me, someone covered my eyes and when i look, it was my sister and we started crying, after a while we left to Granada and in the way home, we stopped in a Chinese restaurant to have dinner, when we fineched, we went back home because my sister was tired of the journey.

It was a really great surprise, and in summer i gave her a surprise too, going to England and appearing in her work by surprise .


My birthday surprise


Airport of Malaga


My parents,my siter and me


Surprise of my sister in my birthday


Go to the airport and to a Chinese restaurant

Ignacio Ambel García

Fashion item
White, informal
To go school, all day
Sagging, long, blue
To go school, meet friends
Formal, black
To go to a party, special ocassions

My favourite fashion items are just three:
-The first is my informal white sweatshirt. I wear it all day and usually when I go to school, but my mother told me off last month because I just took it off when I was going to have a shower.
-The second are my sagging long blue jeans. I usually wear them to go to school, like the informal white sweatshirt, but I also wear my jeans when I meet my friends.
-The third and the last one is my formal black shirt. I wear it just when I go to a party or when something special happen.

And, sometimes, I wear the sweatshirt with the jeans, the shirt with the jeans (but in this case with a belt), but I never wear the sweatshirt whith the shirt, and I'll never wear both at the same time.


-Adventages and disadventages of Internet

Look for information
Free chat
Addictive games
Free downloads
No privacy
You can call people everywere
They can rip you off
Buy things online.
You can lost a lot of time using Internet

Internet has got a lot of adventages and disadvantages because you can use it for a lot of things. For example, you can use it to look for information, chat free with your friends from all over the world, you can download free things, like music, films, pictures,etc; and you can buy things online, like clothes. But you have to be carefull because there are a lot of virus, addictive games, and you don't have a lot of privacy on websites, so somebodie could rip you off. The principal disadventage is that you can lose a lot of time using it if you are very addicted.

-Tim Berners