The work is produced by Eva Jiménez Mariscal and Javier Parejo Cambrón.

The Indian's slum

Indian has got more than 1000 millions of people. The 50% of the population in some big cities are living in slums. The slums are home of families with 8 or 10 members and, sometimes some animals. The slums have got 10 m² and they are built with bamboo lattice, screen wall and tin roof. They haven't got potable water or electricity. Also, 100 families are receiving water to drink, to bath and to domestic works from only a tube-well. The public latrines are shared.

People make their life in the street, where there is also mud, rubbish and animal excrement. The tasks like having a bath, cooking and washing up are done in the street. Flies are everywhere.

Children don't go to school and they are always playing in the street.

Most of the people are illiterate. Also, they live with very small income. The men work as rickshaw runners, daily workers and hawkers, and the women do the domestic works, daily worker and , too. Many days they are begging.

All of them suffer hunger, mal nutrition and diseases of skin and pulmonias.


If we compare their life with our life, we can see that we are very lucky.

In our house, when we open the tap, we have got water to drink, water to one or two bathrooms, but they have to share it with 100 families or more.

We have got electricity in our homes, too. We have got clean streets, where there are parks, gardens, etc...

We have got a job and a decent salary,too. Thanks God we eat and drees appropriately everyday. Also, all the children go to school. There is a health system to prevents and cure diseases.



This video is describing the poverty of 50% of people of India.

They are living in slums, next to the train tracks.

They are cooking in the street and they are washing with a well in the street, too. They are eating leftovers.

The children are always playing in the street and they don't go to school. Also, they are sleeping on the floor without nothing to cover them.

The men and the women are working in very bad works.

They are living poorly.


Eva's Review:

Name of the restaurant
"Los Alayos".
Type of restaurant
Family restaurant.
Next to river Dílar.
When it is open
Only in summer, from 10.00am to 02.00am.
Types of food
All of type, from fried eggs to paella.

Los Alayos
"Los Alayos" is a family restaurant next to the river Dílar. It has got all type of food, from fried eggs to paella. Also, it has got an excellent dish, "Patatas Brans": It opens only in summer, from 10.00am to 02.00am.
See you there the next year!
Rating *

Javi's Review:

Name of the restaurant
Domino's Pizza.
Type of restaurant
Family retaurant.
Solarillo de Gracia (Granada).
When it is open
From 12.00 am to 11.00 pm.
Types of food
All type of pizzas.

Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza is a restaurant for all people and it is in Solarillo de Gracia (Granada). In this restaurant of pizzas, they have got free buffet for 6€. It's open every day from 12.00 am to 11.00 pm.
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Eva's family recycling:



This family, the Strauss, in the village Longhope (Gloucestershire), did an experiment which requires much effort.

This experiment consists of that in 12 months they don't throw the rubbish, how did they do it? Easy, they took everything

from their waste that can be used again, or can be recycled. This form, they achieved that during a year they only filled a dustbin.

This family says that it was complicated, but if you make an effort you can get it, in the same way as this family did.



We aren't conscious of the waste that we produce because we don't see it owing to we daily throw it to bins.

Perhaps this example will make us think about the large amount of rubbish that we produce.

Some years ago, before the government put the recycling bins, a housewife used to throw plastic containers, like bottles of Coke, bottles of water, oil, etc... all of them empty through the window of the kitchen into a swimming pool, empty too, that was behind the house. So after some time, the swimming pool was full with these containers.

Finally, I don't know what happened then, but I was very shocked with the image of this swimming pool.


Eva's event:

A party
Pub "Pricipe" in Granada
A lot of young people of this town
Celebration of a birthday
Drink, dance, laught...

Birthday's party
Last Saturday, a lot of young people of Granada went to a big party in a pub of this town, called "Principe". With this party, we were celebrating the birthday of my best friend, Juana. In this party, we were drinking, dancing, laughing... We had a good time.
Also, there were some singers and some DJs very famous, like David Guetta, Pitbull, Juan Magán, Jennifer Lopez... with a lot of new songs.

Javi's event:

all of people
call for candy
walking from house to house

In my village all the people go to the park of Otura, because in the park the volunteers get

drinks and chestnuts and then the children of Otura go from house to house to ask for sweets but they say trick or treat.

Fashion Items

Eva Jiménez Mariscal 3ºB

Which are your favourite fashion items? I've got three. I've got a beautiful, tight black overall. It's too elegant to go to school, so I wear it only for parties or other events. Also, I've got some black high heels. I wear them only to go to parties, too. They're more beautiful than Isa's high heels. I've got casual, long pink jeans. They're casual enough for school, and fashionable enough for parties. They're perfect and they're the most comfortable of the world.
Besides, I wear the overall with the high heels, and I wear the jeans with a T-shirt white with a green animal.


The advantages of the internet:
  • You can find information of all type.
  • You can listen music and you haven't got download the song.
  • You can play games with the friends.
  • You can chat with your friends and the people of over the world
  • The communication can be more easy.
  • You can know recent news.
  • You can use your PC with more ease.
  • You could find a lot of applications and programmes.
  • You could buy all things that you want in all shop of the world.
  • You could share your thought and knowledge with the people.
The disadvantages of the internet:
  • The all of attractive games are addicted.
  • The publicity in the videos of youtube.
  • You can't have privacity in the red.
  • Same that you con find good information, you can find bad information for us.
  • The Internet can do you neglect the most important things.
  • It do students go worse and they do their work worse.
  • Is the most important source of piracy.
  • The employed do worse their work.
  • It need electricity.
  • It can be break the PC for virus, spam...


Eva Jiménez Mariscal 3ºB

Last 18th May, on Saturday evening, I went with my best friend to see a football game. In that played Granada FC against Osasuna at Los Cármenes Stadium.
In the first half, El Arabi scored for Granada the first goal of the match. In the second part scored a penalty, Siqueira; and in the las moment, in minute 92, Diego Buonanotte scored a third goal... The 22500 spectators, lot of them were granadinos and we were full of emotion, all shouted, all were full of happiness.
It was fantastic, our team won 3-0... We wish come again!
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