By: Marina Martín Campos and Borja Martínez Prieto.

We are going to explain the life of slums. The parts in our project are:

  1. Description of India.
  2. Houses and life in the slums.
  3. Conclusion.

India is a country in South Asia. It is one of the largest countries in the world. One billion of people live in India. There are four religions in India: Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslim and Christianity. India belonged to the British empire but it became independent in 1947 because of Gandhi. Gandhi never used violence to get the independence of India.
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People who live in slums are very poor. Their living conditions are very difficult. The environment in slums is very dirty. Their houses are made up of tin roof and bamboo lattice , screen walls. There aren´t toilets. They use a tube - well for washing themselves, drinking and other uses. One hundred families share these tube - wells. They cook over open fires. As a consequence, the lack of hygiene produces many diseases.
This environment is quite different from ours .We have bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms ... in our houses. We use cement, bricks, beam, pillars, in our to build our houses. For that reason , our living conditions are better. Our hygiene prevent many diseases because the environment is very clean.
Medicine is a luxury for people living in slums. Hospitals are very far away and it is very difficult to get there. Most of the times sick people arrive too late and they die. The conditions in hospitals aren´t good. They use used syringes. Even children sell syringes in the street. They also use syringes to drink water .Consequently, there are many diseases and a lot of people die.
Some men work in shops, rickshaws... Some women work outside to get some money for the family. Other women cook in the street. As they haven´t got much money children don´t attend school. They are in the street and sometimes they become gang members.
However, our conditions are better. Medicine is for everyone. There are hospitals. The treatments are good. Hygiene is better in Spain. Education is available and compulsory for everyone.
In conclusion, we are very lucky but we don't appreciate what we have.

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Description of video 4:

- There is a women and she is working as a domestic worker.
- There are many children. They are playing in the street, because they don't go to school.
- Women are cooking in the street, because they haven't got kitchens.
- Some men are hammering stones.
- Women are children are having a shower with tube - well.
- They are eating poor food.

Marina and Borja.


NAME OF RESTAURANT: Pescadería y pulpería a la gallega.

TYPE OF RESTAURANT: It is a family restaurant.
ADDRES: Gran Vía Street.
​WHEN IS IT OPEN: Every day, except Mondays and Tuesdays, from 13.00 am to 17.30 pm.
TYPES OF FOOD: The restaurant has got different types of fish, for example: bonehead, mussel, swordfish, clam, etc...
​ADJETIVES TO DESCRIBE THE FOOD: Restaurant is excellent because we can find all types of fish and this fish is delicious with a big flaver.
Pescadería y pulpería gallega is a family restaurant at Gran Vía Street. It's open every day, except Mondays and Tuesdays, from 13.00 am to 17.30 pm. The restaurant has got different types of fish, for example, bonehead, mussel, swordfish, clam, etc... This restaurant is excellent because we can find all types of fish. Also, is a good family restaurant, it has got a good service and the best quality.

My favourite food in this restaurant are squids, the sardins and the octopus because have a good flavor of fish.

TYPE OF RESTAURANT:It is a family restaurant.

ADDRES: 33 Dílar Street.
WHEN IS IT OPEN: Every day, except Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9.00 am to 24.00 pm.
TYPES OF FOOD: Sandwich, spicy pasta, hamburger, pizza, meat, fish, ice creams and cakes.
ADJETIVES TO DESCRIBE THE FOOD: This restaurant is excellent because there are greats varieties of food and desserts.


La Avenida is a family restaurant at 33 Dilar street. It's open every day, except Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9.00 am to 24.00 pm. It has got something for everyone: sandwiches, spicy pasta, hamburgers, pizzas, meat and fish.The restaurant has also got some wonderful ice creams and cakes.
For a delicious meal, go to La Avenida, because this restaurant is excellent because there are greats varieties of food and desserts and it is good for past a perfect day.

My favourite food in this restaurant are the pizzas and ice ceams because exist a lot of varieties of these.

RECYCLING:This is a webpage of newspaper time envelope David Chameides.,8599,1843163,00.html
This is a video in spanish language, beacuse I didn´t found in english language, of David Chameides.

This is a webpage in spanish language envelope David Chameides.


David Chameides decided to be one year without throwing any waste, to see how much waste was able to accumulate. His objective was not to transform his house in a mountain of rubbish, but to minimize his waste. For this he separated the paper of packs and organized the cardboards, he didn't buy water into plastic bottles, he wrapped the presents in wool instead of paper, he avoided to buy packing food, he reused the bags and he made a box to put little earthworm that made compost from organic residues and paper.In one year, he saved in his house 13.8 kgs!!! Normally an American person produces 1.2 kgs per day. Also, the rubbish that we throw shows how much a person consumes.David Chameides is an example that we should follow to use the three R: to reduce, to reuse and to recycle.


Fashion item
Occasions and other details
1. Pepe Jeans's trouser
Black, comfortable and trendy.
When I go out with my friends.
2. Roxy's sweatshirt
Blue, casual and fashionable.
To go to school, to the cinema, to the park,...
3. A dress.
Green, formal and practical.
For parties.
I've got three favourite items. I've got a pair of comfortable and trendy black Pepe Jean's trousers. I usually wear them when I go out with my friends. I've also got a fashionable blue Roxy's sweatshirt. It's casual enough to go to school and fashionable enough to go to the cinema, to the park, etc... Finally, I've got a formal and practical green dress for parties, but it's too formal for a class trip. The sweatshirt is as modern as the trousers. The dress is more formal than the other clothes.


Tim Berners was a physicist. He needed the necessity to distribuit and to exchange his information about his investigations with a manner more efective. For this, he envelope fundamentals ideas that structure the web. He and his group created HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), the protocol HTTP( Hyper text Transfer Protocol) and the system of localication objects in the web, URL (Uniform Resource Locator).
Now in New York, a Madrid's business called Gowex, has installed free wifi in all New York. This business plan to installed in the future, free wifi in USA, Madrid, París, Dublín and in seventy cties more all over the world.



Last 18th May, on Saturday evening, I was with my best friend and 22500 spectators, lot of them were granadinos, in the Los Cármenes Stadium, to see a football game, that Granada CF played against Osasuna. The game was fantastic. In the fist half, El Arabi sored a goal for Granada CF and the scoreboard was 1-0, lost Osasuna.In the second half, Siqueria scored a penalty for Granda CF and in miunute 92, Diego Buonanote scored a third goal. Granada CF was the winner. The result was 3-0.