Produced by: Ana Rayén Defries López, Isabel Jiménez García and Laura Moya Medina. 3ºB

Slums of India

We are going to talk about the life in India.

We are very different, they are happy though they haven't got all things; we sometimes aren't happy although we have got a lot of things.

For example : they live in slums, that are made with cloth, blankets, wood and sheet; and we live in very big houses. Their houses haven't got all the rooms that we have. They have got one room for all and we have got different rooms, for example: one kitchen, bathroom, a bedroom for each one...

We wear different clothes everyday and they haven't got many clothes.

Here, all the children go to school everyday and there, most children can't go to school because they have to work.

People live in constant danger because they live next to the train tracks. They sometimes sit on the train tracks.
They are surrounded by a lot of animals like chickens, pigs...

Here are the videos that we whatched

In the first video the women are cooking rice. There is a boy having a shower. A man is washing the clothes.


India is a country in South Asia. This country is very poor, they haven't much money,


Here some pictures: niños felices jugando.jpg Here the children are playing surrounded by rubbish


Laura, Isabel and Rayén

Food Critic


By Laura Moya
McDonald's is a company at Parque Albán in Armilla (Granada). It has got fast food but the people go to it because the food is delicious. The restaurant has also got ice-cream, coffee, cakes... for breakfast and teatime. It has also got a big area to play for the children. McDonald's opens everyday, all day. It is a restaurant for visiting one or two days of the month.
When I go to McDonald's I always order one menu called "McMenú" "McChicken" with a frizzy drink and chips. I always order one Ice-Cream with "kit-kat" and caramel.
Name of restaurant
Type of restaurant
Parque Albán In Armilla (Granada)
When it is open
Types of food
Fast food
Adjetives to describe the food

Alayos Restaurant

By Ana Rayén Defries
The Alayos restaurant is in Dílar (Granada). This is near the river Dílar. The restaurant is in the countryside. It opens from 12.00 pm to 12.00 am. The food is very Spanish. It's open all the summer.
In it there is meat, vegetables, fish, rice and migas...
My favourite food of the Alayos is migas.
Name of restaurante
Type of restaurant
Near the river Dilar
When it is open
from 12 pm to 12 am
Types of food
food of [[#|Spain]]
Adjetive to describe the food
very good

Juan Milena

By Isabel Jiménez
Juan Milena is a new family restaurant at 2 Ramón y Cajal in Alhendín (Granada). It has got something for everyone: meat, fish, pasta, rice, migas...and more things.This restaurant has also teatime, cake of chocolate,cheese, strawberry, vainilla, etc. It's open everyday from 12p.m. to 11p.m.
Come and enjoy!
My favourite food of Juan Milena is a dish with eggs, potatoes, ham and all is mixed. I also like their custard, it is very good.

Name of restaurant
Juan Milena
Type of restaurant
Family restaurant
At 2, Ramón y Cajal in Alhendin (Granada)
When it is open
Every day from 12pm. to 11pm
Types of food
Adjetives to describe the food
Very good

Laura Moya Medina


Here the webpage

Strauss family is a family that recycles. Their bin was collected in January 2009 and now (one year later).
They are happy because they only produce "one bin" of rubbish in a year.
Most of the rubbish that they use go to compost o they re-use, recycle most things that they use.

​Description of an event

By Laura Moya

Juanita y los Feos
Last saturday, all the people that like the "Juanita y los Feos" pop band came to their concert at Sala Planta Baja in Granada. There a lot of CDs of their music and for the people that came a lot of food and drinks. While the band was played, the people were hearding the music, were eating the food and were drinking the drinks. It was from 7pm to 11pm. Thanks to "Juanita y los Feos" pop band the people that like their music, they went past a brilliant afternoon.
I think that are a beginner pop band but they heard very good.

Conciert of Pop Music
Sala Planta Baja in Granada
"Juanita y los Feos"
To entertain the people
Sing pop music


Isabel Jiménez García 3ºB

Fashion item
High-heels boots
Black,short and it is of tube.
Colour mustad,slim-line

My favourite fashion [[#|items]] are my black skirt, my high-heels boots and my jeans.
My skirt is black, short and tube like. It is my favourite fashion item because it is for parties and i like the party, also i like my high-heels boots because they are also to go party. They are brown, beautiful and very high. And my jeans slim-line mustard colour also are my favorite fashion items but these aren't to go to parties, they are casual, for school, for cinema,etc.

Laura Moya Medina

Fashion item
Nike's Trainers
fashionable,big,brown, trendy
comfortable,wide, white
Occasion and other details
weeding, formal party
has got a black bow tie under the bust.
all the time
for school, meet with friends, informal parties...
the band is in pink

I've got three favourite fashion items. I've got a beautiful short white dress. It has got a black bow tie under the bust. I wear it when I go to formal parties like a wedding. I've also got fashionable big brown glasses. I like them because they are trendier than others. I wear them almost always because I need them to see. I've got comfortable wide white nike's trainers.They're the most comfortable trainers in my wardrobe. Both sides they have the brand in pink. They're casual enough for school and they aren't too formal to meet with friends. So, with my dress I wear my black high-heels. They're more beautiful than my sister's high-heels, with my glasses I can wear almost all but if I go to do sport or I go to formal parties I use my contact lens and with my nike's trainers I can wear jeans and a sweatshirt.

The World Wide Web.

By: Ana Rayén Defries López, Isabel Jiménez García and Laura Moya Medina.

The author of the world wide web was Tim Berners. It was created in 1989. He created it because he was failed because he want to search documents. In these moment he was working at Switzerland in the LAB.
The Internet has advantages and disadvantages.
Some advantages are:
We can find many things about every subject, for example when you have homework and you need help or information about some subject you can search it in Internet.
We don't pay for books or music, because there're books and music that we can download free. And other advantage is we can comumunicate with people all over the world, for example if you have a brother in China you will communicate with him and you save money.
Now the disadvantages are: Sometimes this can be addictive, if you play some games that you like, you can't stop playing and you will be addicted.
People can cheat you because they say that something is very goos and very cheap but in reality it is a fraud.
Also you can lose your privacity with the social websites, because if you put in social websites photos and information personal others people can take it and your life can be in danger.

INVENTIONS by Rayen Defries Lopez 3ºB

Who? Guglielmo Marconi. He was an italian inventor
Where? His experiments were made in England
When? In 1895 was the first radio signal sent and received

The first radio could'nt transmitt sound or speech and was called “wireless telegraph”. The first radio station was etablshed in 1897. Between 1900 and 1959 the AM wave was used for aircraft navigation. Sony introduced the first transistorized radio in the early 1960. By 1963 the first radio satellite was launched. Digital transmission started in 1990's.

PLANESWho? The brothers Wright showed to the world that man could fly
When? On december 17, 1903 the first fly took place
Where? In the Unites States.FILMS
Who? Louis Lumiere invented a portable motion-picture camera
When? In 1895 Lumiere and his brother were the first to project moving pictures to an audience.
Where? In Paris

By Laura Moya Medina 3ºB

Last Saturday evening, 18th May, Granada F.C played with Osasuna at Los Cármenes Stadium.The game was fantastic. In the first half the spectators only can see one goal of Granada F.C scored by Arabi. In the second half Siqueira scored a penalty an in the last moment, at the 92 minute Diego Buonanotte scored the third goal for Granada. The Cármenes Stadium was full and my bes friend and I coul chech it. The osasuna couldn't scored any goal but played well. Granada F.C won 3-0.


The last Saturday evening, 18th May, the Granada F.C. played at Los Cármenes Stadium with the Osasuna. This match football was interesting. There was around 22.500 spestators, and lot of them were granadinos, also I went with my best friend. In the first half 1-0 for El Arabi and in the second half Siqeira scored a penalty, and finaly Diego Buonanotte score in the minute 92 the third goal. Granada F.C won 3-0.


The last Saturday, Granada FC at Osasuna played in the evenig. Then they play in Los Cármenes Stadium, so there are a lot of granadinos, me, my best friend and 22500 spectattors. El Arabi kicked the first goal. The second goal kicked Siqueira so before a goal there was a penalty. The last goal kicked Buonanotte in the minute 92. Then Granada FCwon 3-0. The people was very happy with my me in tne bar and then they said what I am entertrainer.

by: Rayen.